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Kristi has been a student of the arts since she was a child.  From finger-painting to fine pieces, her hands have always been busy. 

She paints with a vibrant graphic style, bringing a light-hearted joy to a Deep Wisdom we are called to embody day by day. 

Kristi is an oddity of an artist in the American South painting icons of the Far East. She has lived most of her life in the Southeastern United States, along with a period of time in Southeast Asia.  The juxtaposition of these two worlds collide in Kristi's work and drive her themes.  As a journeyman in life, she strives to strip away cultural attachments to True Wisdom and reveal The One who loves the whole world. 

COMMISSIONS are an important part of Kristi’s body of work. The nature of her own experiences give her the spirit and soul to document special places and times for others on canvas. Simply contact her at to get the conversation started. It costs nothing to dialogue over sketches to draw out a client’s desires. Commission rates are easily calculated at $2.50/square inch.