THE WORD (2017)

THE WORD (2017)

Words wow and woo us.  With the flick of the wrist and ink gripped in our fingers, we convey ideas, emotions, facts and even lies. With wind behind formed lips, we give delight to a soul or cut it down. We comfort or destroy.  The world spins at the command of a word.  We dole out judgement and catapult the power of hate with a word.  A word of love can quench that hatred. The power contained within words cannot be measured. They can create and calm storms. Words can steer the direction of a mighty vessel.

Some words last seemingly forever…in a story told for generations, written in a document of legacy or a lengthy novel.  Some words disappear like a vapor soon after they are expressed.  A Chinese man stands with a brush and water pail; he expertly paints calligraphy on a warm sidewalk.  Like little pieces of art themselves, they whisper as they evaporate.  Carried through the air, the word was still uttered for a moment. Well wishes of luck and prosperity, perhaps. Some words are quickly here and gone.

One Word is eternal.

約 翰 福 音 1:1-5, 14

1 最初有道 [a],道与上帝同在,道即是上帝。 2 这道最初就与上帝同在。 3 万物通过他而产生,没有他,什么也不会产生。 4 他蕴含着生命,这生命给人类带来了光明。 5 光明在黑暗中闪耀,但是黑暗无法战胜光明。

14 道变成了肉身,生活在我们中间。我们看到了他的荣耀-父之独子的荣耀,他从天父那里来,充满了恩典和真理。 (John 1:1-5, 14; CNT-ERV)

God is The Word. The Word is God. The Word has been and has been with God since before the foundations of the world. The Word is from the beginning. The Word made all things and all things were made for Him and through Him.

The Word is far more than an idea, or even logic. The Word is Truth and came to be with us. A walking, breathing, touchable Word.  Subjecting Himself for a time to the laws of nature and society, His mother called him “Jeshua.” She obediently called Him the “Salvation of God.”  We call Him Jesus.

Believing in what He claimed of Himself or not, no one can deny that He brought the Good Word, the existence of Ultimate Love. He is the Light and the source of our Life.  He is the glory of God.  The True Word shines a light in the darkness and it cannot be hidden by the dark. 

Trivial words plague our hearts and minds day after day after day. But the Real Word calls to our heart. Do you hear what He says to you? Do you hear how He calls you to come and let Him love you?

Come to me.

I know you are tired.  

I know that you dream.

I know that you wonder what real love is.

I know you perceive I am near.

Come rest with me.

Come dream with me.

Tell me how you long to be loved and find that I already do.

Let yourself relish my presence and pursuit of your heart, soul, mind and body.

Tell me everything you thought of me and I will tell you the Truth. I will tell you the words.  I am The Word.

I am the Word that you hear in the day.  I am the Word you perceive in the night. I formed beauty and I formed you.

I love you more than I loved life.  I, the Word, long for your attention and devotion.  There is none before me and there is none after me.  I am devoted to you; be devoted to me. I Am.  The Word.