It was a simple bowl of plums on a kitchen counter.

The dark plum hue against the stark white bowl was an obvious lesson in contrast.  A narrative quickly started to form.  Light and dark were the characters in the story. 

No matter the composition or background, the bright white won the focus of the eye.  Light always breaks dark…never the opposite.  Purity always outshines the darkened.

This painting is a true fusion in Far East Mythology and the account of the Ancient Scriptures.  Depending on its story and setting, a dragon is either a valiant revered creature, or a symbol of the evil that moves in this current world. 

However, upon investigation in the earliest depictions of the dragon, both cultures communicate fear.  Fear is a reverence given to another power, other than The Light.  It is in the application of our respect, a giving of authority over us, that either fear or courage are cultivated.  Each one of us has the opportunity to apply power to the spirits that are around.  It is in this space, when unwisely applied, that we are hounded in our hearts and minds. 

Since the beginning of time, that ancient serpent has tried to devour The Light.  He has gotten so close and smelled victory.  But it NEVER happens. Whether a small spark or a radiant beam, Light breaks dark.

When we stand firm in the reality of Light’s absolute dominance over darkness, our hearts begin to rise.  We can raise our head and stand firm.  We can trust the Light with our reverence, our devotion, our love.  Subsequently, our own faces radiate and reflect that Light into the space around us.  We can be administers of grace.  Our light will break the dark.